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Head shot of Ramiyah - LMC Intern

Digging Deep

I’ll never forget my first day working on the mountain and let me warn you, it wasn’t pretty. You see, a friend of mine, JaMaal, was already in the Intern & Leadership program and he thought it would be a good idea for me to join. He told me how…

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Pert Perkins with an intern

World Renown Fishing Executive Inspired by Local Student Partnership

Perk Perkins has traveled all over the world as part of his responsibilities as CEO of Orvis, one of the…

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spring flowers

Spring on the Mountain

The trails are off to a great start Lookout Mountain’s John C. Wilson Park is taking shape this spring thanks…

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Ashley Cofield with students on baseball field

Meet a Life-Changer

Sometimes, you know what you want to do when you “grow up.” For some of us, and it’s not often…

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Patty Owens

Thank you, Patty!

For the past ​5 ​years, Patty Owens has been a devoted, dependable friend to Lookout Mountain Conservancy. Foremost in her…

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volunteer crew

The Mountain saved me

It wasn’t like it was unexpected. Things had been pretty tough for Sayyid for a long time. But the day…

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Robyn with camera

We’re smiling for the camera

The view just got a little brighter, and the focus a little clearer, when Bob Hulse donated a beautiful, digital,…

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Rotaracs and interns

Conservation work helps local teens to beat the odds

Three years ago, the State of the Chattanooga Region Report: Education (SOCRR Education Report) clarified that many of our area’s…

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intern group from the video

Local teens receive national recognition

Not perhaps what you would expect when you shake hands with a high school student, but many, right here in…

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Families interested in conserving their land

Families along Lookout Mountain often have a long relationship to the land. Some were here prior to the civil war…

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