spring on the mountain

Children and Nature

One thing that the pandemic, has taught us that after long periods of time spent indoors, we need to find outlets to unlesh our restlessness. Beyond our windows, the season is changing and therefore the land is changing; leaves are popping on the trees and flowers are blooming.

So how can we stay in touch with nature, conservation, and the landscape that we love on Lookout Mountain? And just as importantly, how can we keep the kiddos of the future just as intrigued and curious?

Sit by a sunny window, under a shady tree, or surrounded by chirping birds and get curious! The following books are suggestions of children’s books that encourage us to be curious, learn, and read about nature, water, and trees from new perspectives!

discovering new ideas
The Hidden life of trees

A Warm Winter Tail

Carrie A. Pearson & Christina Wald

A look at how different wildlife stay warm in the winter from the perspective of animals!

a true story

Wangari's Tree of Peace

Jeanette Winter

True story of Wangari Maathai, a woman whose passion and environmentalism inspired change.


The Magic & Mystery of Trees

Claire McElfatrick & Jen Green

A deeper and denser look into the science and mystery of trees.


The Dandelion Seed

Joseph Anthony & Chris Arbo

A story following the life cycle of a seed, from the seeds perspective!

book cover

The Other Way to Listen

Byrd Baylor & Peter

A story exploring different ways to listen and observe in nature!

book cover

Water Is Water

Miranda Paul & Jason Chin

A beautiful book of different forms we witness water everyday and the water cycle.

book cover

Over and Under the Pond

Kate Messner & Christopher Silas Neal

Follow and explore the ecosystems from above the pond to under the pond!

book model

Owl Moon

Jane Yolen & John Schoenherr

Follow a child and their Pa as they quietly and patiently search for an owl in the snow.

book cover

Come On, Rain!

Karen Hesse & Jon J. Muth

A girl sharing her prediction, appreciation, and excitement for the first rain with her mother and friends.

book cover

Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold

Joyce Sidmna & Rick Allen

A collection of poems that explore deeper questions and curiosities of winter wildlife and changes to nature.

book cover

A Warm Winter Tail

Carrie A. Pearson & Christina Wald

A look at how different wildlife stay warm in the winter from the perspective of animals!

book cover

Possum’s Harvest Moon

Anne Hunter

Following Possum and other critters getting ready for the season’s change on the night of the Harvest Moon.


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