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Group photo of the Summer Interns wearing white T-shirts outside at Lookout Mountain Conservancy's 2023 Shrimp Boil

Howard School Interns Shine at Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Lowcountry Shrimp Boil

Maddi Myers-Osband Lookout Mountain, TN – The Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s (LMC) annual Lowcountry Shrimp Boil isn’t just a community celebration filled with music, dancing, and delicious food—it’s a vital fundraiser supporting The Howard School Leadership Program. This year’s event, held on July 25th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, will…

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A smiling young Latino male sitting in front of a brick wall with a window

The Challenging Moments are the Best Moments

When I first heard about Lookout Mountain Conservancy, I was skeptical. I was used to working with my dad, a…

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A young Latino male looks at the camera while moving brush with three other men.

A Heart to Help

I have always had a passion for preserving the environment. When JaMaal told me about The Howard School Leadership Program,…

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A young black woman with glasses and braids before a forested background.

Never Giving Up

Joining Lookout Mountain Conservancy through The Howard School Leadership Program was a pivotal moment for me. My friend Aasean, who…

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A young black man in a red shirt sits on a rock while changing the string in a weedeater.

Positivity in Adversity

I’ve always been a pretty positive person. Even when things seem tough, I try to find the bright side. That’s…

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A young Latino male in a gray hoodie plants a shrub in front of a fence

Opening Up and Learning to Lead

Growing up, I was lazy and never wanted to do anything I didn’t have to do. I didn’t like doing…

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Black female pulling vine from the ground

Finding My Path

My journey with Lookout Mountain Conservancy began when I was in high school. You see, I moved here in 2018…

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Headshot of a young white female in an urban setting with blond hair and wearing a light grey suit.

Lookout Mountain Conservancy Welcomes Maddi Myers-Osband, Communications Specialist

Meet Maddi: Our New Communications Specialist! Please join us in welcoming Maddi Myers-Osband as the full-time Communications Specialist for Lookout…

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A young woman in a blue jumper with curly brown hair and white skin poses with a plant in a greenhouse

Lookout Mountain Conservancy Welcomes Caroline Wiygul, AmeriCorps VISTA

We are thrilled to introduce Caroline Wiygul, our new AmeriCorps VISTA Conservation Coordinator, who brings knowledge and enthusiasm to Lookout…

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Celebrating a Growing Impact in 2023

Lookout Mountain Conservancy had a banner year in 2023 with a growing impact for conservation and community! The 2023 Annual…

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