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My Climb to True Strength

Lookout Mountain Conservancy — an amazing organization where I was able to learn about and better myself. I think of LMC and The Howard School Leadership Program as the place where I found myself. And I kinda hate to admit it, but I have my sister, Jennifer, to thank for…

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Learning to Believe in Myself

When I first started working with LMC, I didn’t believe in myself and was scared to do new things. I…

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Sinea, LMC intern, black, female, headshot

No Arts & Crafts Camp

I joined Lookout Mountain Conservancy a few summers ago after hearing about it through my older sister Sade who went…

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Head shot of Ramiyah - LMC Intern

Digging Deep

I’ll never forget my first day working on the mountain and let me warn you, it wasn’t pretty. You see,…

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Head shot of LaQuisha - former LMC intern. Black woman with blue graduation cap on smiling

My journey isn’t over, it’s just beginning

As my graduation approaches, I find myself looking back over the past few years and all of the hardships I…

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Photo of the greenhouse at night

“Robyn’s Nest” Grand Opening

This past week, we hosted the grand opening of our greenhouse, aptly named “Robyn’s Nest” by our board of directors…

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Women in Conservation

As LMC celebrates Women’s History Month, we would like to take the time to acknowledge some of conservation’s most inspiring…

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Head shot of Umar

Cutting my own path to a career in conservation

I joined the Intern & Leadership Program in 2013 as part of one of the very first groups to work…

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Group photo by Sarah Buckner

Looking back, with gratitude

Reflecting on this past year, we feel grateful. Although the pandemic still threatens us all, we have pushed through to…

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Wauhatchie Boulderfest 2021

Thank you to everyone that came out for Wauhatchie Boulderfest!   The Access Fund and Southeastern Climbers Coalition partnered with…

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