Garden Area

Engaging Kids

Getting creative is a great way to engage the kids.

Look around the back yard or neighborhood and create a scavenger hunt.

  • Ask for some simpler finds, like pine needles or a pinecone, and then dig deeper: are there any plants with purple leaves in the neighborhood?
  • Maybe a certain yard has a red flower (look but don’t touch!)
silhouette butterfly
kids explore outside
making impressions of plant life

Got Playdoh?

Discover textures in nature. Compare the imprint of different trees.

Next Level: identify the trees and start a nature journal with your findings.

john wislon big boulder

Park cleanup.

Do your part and help clean up our community.

Next Level: Categorize what you have found in your nature journal. What can be recycled? Composted? Put in the garage?

What’s the weather today?

Create a weather wheel.

Draw or print out different types of weather and put them in a circular pattern. Use a paper clip or laundry clips to mark the days weather.

Next Level: Be more specific. Record the temperature, humidity, percent rain or sun and log it all into a nature journal.

sun on snow filled trees

Storming outside?

If there aren’t hazardous conditions, put on your raincoat and head outside to watch!

Or you can head to your window or your car and watch in a protected place, too.

Next level: Record the length of the rainstorm or snowstorm. Does how hard the rain falls change? Write down how long the storm lasts and describe the sounds and sights you observe.

art with rocks

Got Rocks?

Create a mandala.

Place the rocks in artistic circular patterns. This can be done in your backyard or with the rocks at Sandy Neck. Take pictures and share with family and friends.

Next Level: Read into the origin of a mandala. Add the information to your nature journal.

finch feeding on flower

Do you speak bird?

Download a birding app, like, and start identifying what’s in your backyard. Learn birds’ songs and characteristics.

Next level: Visit bird feeder web cams to observe birds found nearby or in different parts of the world (start here: allaboutbirds/cams). Install one or more birdfeeders and fill them with different types of seed. Keep a feeder journal, try to draw the birds you see and describe their outstanding features.

More to Explore...

learning new prespectives

Get Lost in Reading

There is so much to learn...

Sit under a shady tree, surrounded by chirping birds, to read about water, and trees from new perspectives!


Trails to Discover

Beautiful woods, seasonal streams

Miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails to discover wildlife and historic features.

exploring the woods on two wheels

Other Places to Visit

A variety of fun activities for different skill levels

With growing community support, there are a growing number of hiking, biking bouldering and caving opportunities...