Welcome to the Boulders on Old Wauhatchie Pike.

We hope that you enjoy your time. You will find a map, waiver and an opportunity to support the work of Lookout Mountain Conservancy by following the links below.

Please sign the waiver before beginning to climb and follow the expectations and guidelines of the park.

Donate Waiver

Sponsoring a Boulder

To learn more about becoming a sponsor of a boulder contact Robyn Carlton, CEO, at



  • No camping.
  • Obey leash laws and maintain control of pets.
  • Pack out and properly discard of all trash.
  • Fixed hardware is not permitted.
  • Brush off tick marks and excessive chalk
  • Minimize erosion. Keep pads and gear on durable surfaces.
  • Stay on established trails. Do not trespass on adjacent private land.
  • Park in designated spots. Pay close attention to posted signs. Respect private property.
  • Loud music and noises can disturb wildlife, other users, and private landowners. Keep a low profile.
  • Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the trail or in the park.

History of the Bouldering Park

In 2017 Robyn Carlton, CEO of LMC, began conversations with the Access Fund about transforming the boulders in the park to be able to provide a safe and environmental friendly option for climbers to enjoy their sport.

The anticipated use of the bouldering park, meant that there should be durable surfaces at the base of the boulder as well as steps for the climbers to come down to lessen the erosion impact of the sport.

The boulders were covered in English Ivy and other invasive plants, posing quite the challenge to get them ready for the public to enjoy.

Through the hard work of The Howard School Interns and the hundreds of volunteers that they have helped lead over the past few years, the boulders have been made accessible and durable surfaces have been built.


The boulders were named by the Interns, here is a list of the names, and translation.
  1. The Slide
  2. The Bulge
  3. The Turtle
  4. The Edge
  5. Cliff Hanger
  6. Siri (Means “Hidden” in Swahili)
  7. Wauhatchie
  8. The Lookout
  9. Hippo
  10. The Fall
  11. Buena Vista (Means “Beautiful View”in Spanish)
  12. Piedrita (Means “Pebble” in Spanish)
  13. Asteroid
  14. The Twin Boulders
  15. High Point
  16. The Split
  17. The Cut
  18. Hidden Secret
  19. Acheson
  20. The Mountain
  21. Luna (Means “Moon” in Spanish)
  22. The Ledge
  23. Dino
  24. Creek Bed
  25. The Face
  26. Hermanos Cercanos (Means “Close Siblings” in Spanish)
  27. Trail Head