Welcome to the Park of Lookout Mountain Conservancy.

We hope that you enjoy your time. You will find a map, waiver and an opportunity to support the work of Lookout Mountain Conservancy by following the links below.

Please sign the waiver before beginning your activity and follow the expectations and guidelines of the park.

Donate Waiver

Sponsoring a Trail

To learn more about becoming a sponsor of a trail, or a portion of a trail, contact Robyn Carlton, CEO, at



  • Plan ahead and let someone know your recreational agenda.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • The trail is open from dawn to dusk.
  • Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the trail or in the park.
  • Leave No Trace. Pack it in, pack it out.
  • Trail users must stay on the trail. Respect private property and do not trespass.
  • Vandalism and theft of the trail and park amenities may result in prosecution.
  • No Camping along trail or in the park.
  • Pets must be leashed and controlled by owner. Clean up after pets.
  • Smoke free park and trail system.
  • Parties larger than 6 must register with Lookout Mountain Conservancy.
  • All Activity in this park is monitored electronically.
  • Always boulder with a partner.

History of the Park

In 1991 LMC started as a 3-acre park at the John Wilson Pavilion on Cummings Hwy.  Now, the Park is approximately 50-acres at the base of the mountain, with a trail leading to the top of Lookout Mountain.  There are approximately 8 miles of trails in total with 3 of those miles being in the 50-acre park, and the other 5 being the Guild Hardy trail that leads to the top of the Mountain and connects with National Park trails.

Most of the trails are multipurpose, open to bikers and hikers.  In the park, you’ll see that the trails weave around old foundations and stone walls.  We believe it is important to preserve the historical features of this area.  If you see a wall without mortar in between the stones, it was made before the Civil War!  Please help us preserve and respect these relics by not climbing on them and staying on the trails.

These trails have been built and maintained through the hard work of The Howard School Interns and the hundreds of volunteers that they have helped lead over the past few years.  These trails are accessible to the public for free during day-time hours.

To find out more about the Boulders go here >>

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Trails in the Park

The Far Enough Trail – Multipurpose (bike/hike): Dirt. Leads from the base of the mountain to the guild trail at a 5% grade.  Gives access to boulders 1-5, 6-12

Grandview – Single purpose (hike): Asphalt. Starts from Old Wauhatchie Pike, goes up the side of the Pollinator Garden, leads to two trails: Laney Loop and Millers Way.  Gives access to boulders 16,17,20 and the boulders on Laney Loop and Millers Way

Laney Loop – Single purpose (hike): Gravel / Mulch. Starts from the top of Grandview to the left, goes up to the Guild Trail.  Gives access to boulders 21-27.

Millers way – Single purpose (hike): Grass / Mulch.  Starts from the top of Grandview to the right, travels to the side of the pollinator garden, goes up steep hill to look over the pollinator garden (all grass), then travels up to the guild trail crossing the Far Enough Trail (mulch to dirt).   Gives access to boulders 13, 14,15,18,19