Ways to Give

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Every gift counts, no matter the size.

The families and wildlife of Lookout Mountain need you, as never before. For many who want to conserve their land, they cannot wait. You can make sure more they get the help they need.

For young people, like Umar and LaQuisha are looking forward to building a better life and embracing a love of the out-of-doors and learning. Your donation will help literally hundreds of kids like them, every year, who otherwise might not be able to graduate from high school or build the self-esteem needed to go on for a successful college or business career.

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Become a Conservation Hero

It's Easy. It's Safe.

Yes, you can make a difference everyday. Any gift size matters.

Options for giving


Memorial & Honorarian Gifts

What better way to honor a friend or family member than with a gift that remembers them every day, conserving the places they loved or the youth they found inspiring. When you make a memorial gift, or gift honoring someone for a special occasion...

Business Sponsors

Your tax-deductible monthly donation will make a BIG difference—helping conservation happen every day, every month, all year long and ensuring our community’s youth have a high-quality education and leadership training needed to build a strong future...

Gift of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can be a low-cost yet generous way to make a meaningful contribution to the Lookout Mountain Conservancy. It is a good way to leverage affordable premium payments into a substantial future donation. There are several ways you can donate your life insurance policy...

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Gifts via Your Will

Making a gift in your will is easy to do, and very flexible. With a gift in your will, you will be making a difference that we will never forget. You can donate a stated amount of cash, real-estate (houses, land, businesses), appreciated assets (stock or paintings, for example)...

Gifts of Securities

A gift of stock is a great way to help avoid capital gains taxes, receive an income tax deduction, and support innovative programs on Lookout Mountain. The parks and trails that we maintain every year, and are working to expand, need your help...

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Gifts of Property

Gifts of real estate, such as urban lots, residential properties and businesses, specifically for the purpose of re-selling them and applying the funds to further our educational and conservation efforts...

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Martha Law Conservation Fund

If you care deeply about the health of wildlife and plants on Lookout Mountain, you may want to contribute to the Martha Law Conservation Fund.

Named in honor of Martha Law, one of the Conservancy’s founders and a passionate volunteer and advocate for conservation, the fund is used to cover long-term costs associated with upholding conservation agreements and partnerships into the future.

Long-term conservation depends upon your ongoing support for the land. For more information, call Robyn Carlton, CEO, at 423-424-3882 or email her at robyn@lookoutmountainconservancy.org. It’s a great time to make a difference.

Wish List

Your help, in donating either the items, or underwriting their cost, is a great way of helping us conserve more family lands, establish more parks and trails, and support youth and family. This year, we need:

    1. High-quality digital camera for presentations
    2. Funding for intern work clothes
    3. A “Gator” to increase our trail work efficiency
    4. Tools for trail maintenance

Would you like to talk about how you can make a difference?

Feel free to call Robyn Carlton, CEO, at 432-424-3882. There is so much we can do together.