Success Stories

Every family has a different reason for conserving their land. For some, it’s part of their heritage, the legacy they want to leave their children. For others, it’s because of their deep love of wildlife or the peace they find in nature. Still others find that the estate tax benefits are important when they need to retire.

The following short stories convey why conserving or purchasing land was important to these landowners who decided they wanted to ensure their land would be saved for generations to come.

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Long Branch

Neighbors on the Mountain

Chris Moore created a neighborhood community called the Long Branch Residential Preserve. Located in Hinkle,…

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forest road

It was Home

Growing up in Lookout Mountain, Gus Glascock always understood the importance of conservation. When a…

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Little River

Little River Canyon

Lookout Mountain Conservancy in partnership with The Conservation Fund, is working with willing landowners on a…

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Camp Adahi

A Place for Girls to Thrive

Getting outdoors in nature is good for the soul—and also good for children’s physical development,…

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