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A Place for Girls to Thrive

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Getting outdoors in nature is good for the soul—and also good for children’s physical development, mental development and confidence.

Yet more and more, kids are increasingly disconnected to nature because of the amount of time they spend indoors, watching TV, playing video games or surfing the Internet.

Girl Scout partners

Lookout Mountain Conservancy and the Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians share a desire to change this dynamic and are working together to provide opportunities to link leadership and childhood development with the out-of-doors.

Saving camp memories and lands

In 2008, the Girl Scouts of Moccasin Bend Council asked Lookout Mountain Conservancy to help them conserve their 900-acre Camp Adahi to ensure that it would remain a camp for generations to come. Camp Adahi features natural springs, lakes, a forest and a picturesque landscape where equestrian, hiking and archery activities become an avenue for girls to have fun in nature, develop important life-long skills and cultivate a sense of community.

Lookout Mountain Conservancy now holds a permanent long-term conservation agreement (called a conservation easement) on Camp Adahi. Should the property ever be sold, the conservation agreement will remain in place, ensuring the land will remain free of development.

Exploring conservation options

Get in touch if you know of other nonprofits or businesses interested in conserving their lands. Lookout Mountain Conservancy can offer a variety of conservation options and carefully explains how conservation projects are tailored to your organization's goals. Contact us at 423-424-3882.

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