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Where We Work

Lookout Mountain is a vast and beautiful place─ the Mountain itself as well as the valleys and streams it encompasses.

Lookout Mountain, the Southern terminus of the Cumberland Plateau, is a critically imperiled region representing both the world’s most biologically diverse freshwater ecosystem and one of the world’s most biologically diverse temperate forests.

Healthy land, clean water and connecting with people

Lookout Mountain Conservancy's large service area demanded we plan strategically to address the land, water, conservation and recreational initiatives that mattered to our community. Our strategic planning process revealed five focus areas spanning Lookout Mountain. In each of these geographic areas we are working to create healthy land, clean water and stronger communities -- both human communities, developing next generation conservation leaders and natural communities, protecting wildlife habitat such as the green salamander and American Bald Eagle.


Areas of Focus

Lookout Mountain North

Focused on lands in Tennessee and Georgia that will ensure stronger conservation areas for wildlife, clean water and expanded recreational opportunities for us all. The southern terminus is near Lula Lake Land Trust in Georgia. Includes:

  • John C. Wilson Park
  • Guild-Hardy Trail
  • Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
  • Reflection Riding/Chattanooga Nature Center, and
  • Parks owned and managed by community organizations such as Ruby Falls, Rock City, and Point Park.


Johnson’s Crook / Civil War Triangle

Focused on the top and side of Lookout Mountain, into McLemore Cove. Assisting families and other landowners to voluntarily conserve their lands; building a volunteer corps to manage state park land. Includes:

  • Area between Lula Lake Land Trust
  • Cloudland Canyon State Park
  • Johnson’s Crook
  • Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, and
  • Zahnd Natural Area


Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area / Little River Canyon National Preserve Conservation Corridor

Focused on the east side of Lookout Mountain. Assisting families and landowners to conserve working family farms, working forests, wildlife habitat and historic landscapes. Includes:

  • Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area
  • Zahnd Natural Area, and
  • Little River Canyon’s north end corridor


Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia / Durham Rails

Focused on abandoned rail lines on the east side of Lookout Mountain, we are exploring opportunities to convert these lines into hiking/biking trails under a Rails to Trails program, capturing the Mountain's cultural and historical value. Includes:

  • Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia (TAG) Railroad line that ran from Flintstone, Georgia to Gadsden, Alabama
  • Part of the Durham Railway that ran from Flintstone, Georgia, up the Mountain, through Lula Lake Land Trust, to Durham, Georgia


Lookout Mountain South

Focused on the west and south sides of Lookout Mountain, where communities and/or landowners will be conserving locally important farms and forests, wildlife habitat and natural and cultural resources. Includes: land west and south of Little River Canyon National Preserve through the southern terminus near Gadsden, Alabama.


Lookout Mountain Conservancy Focus Area Map 2016

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