Howard School & Youth Highlights

The development of the Howard School partnership began in 2012 and has grown from five students to eighteen. We are ready to expand it to 30 students as soon as funding becomes available.

A new model for conservation

What began as a few students helping with trail development over a Christmas break has  become a model of how conservation can be used as a tool to develop youth leadership, enhance academic and social skills, and provide job skills training.

From high school to college

Through conservation activities and one-on-one team mentoring, the primary goal of the Intern and Leadership Program is to ensure that all participating students graduate from high school and attend either a university, a technical institute, or are placed in a job.

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Programs that support our youth...


Youth Partnership Program

Part of the mission of Lookout Mountain Conservancy is to connect people from all walks of life to each other and Lookout Mountain. Our summer partnership with the national YouthWorks program is a big part of that effort, bringing hundreds of students to the Mountain each summer...

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Intern & Leadership Program

The results of the Howard School Intern and Leadership Program is remarkable. Of the students who have participated in the Intern and Leadership Program, 100% have gone on to graduate from high school (exceeding the current graduation rate at the school). All students have then been accepted to...

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You can change lives

There are students who want to become part of the Howard School Intern and Leadership Program, but we lack sufficient funding to enroll them.

You can contribute monthly, a couple times a year, or help sponsor a student. Regardless you will be helping to change their life. For many it’s their last chance at an education and a new path for success.

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Summer YouthWorks Program

Part of effort is to connect people from all walks of life to each other and Lookout Mountain. Our summer partnership with YouthWorks is a big part of that effort.

Voices from the Mountain
Voices from the Mountain

Pushing Myself, One Step at a Time

"It seems funny now, but I learned a lot of life lessons [through the Intern Program] that are also helpful in school.

Working as an intern, you realize that things aren’t going to go as planned. It’s like a puzzle. You have to find the right piece to complete your journey. Some things aren’t going to be perfect, but once you slow down and think of new approaches to the problem, it will get easier."

– Breanna

Class of 2021

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More intern reflections

"Voices from the Mountain" is a collection of our Stories from our Interns. The power of Lookout Mountain, the impact of the Howard School Intern and Leadership program, and the vision and experiences of volunteers and community members. This is what makes Voices from the Mountain so special. These are people, from all walks of life, are sharing their stories of change.