Interested in learning more about Lookout Mountain’s watershed and landscape?

This region stretches 90+ miles from Chattanooga, TN to Gadsden, AL; three miles are in Tennessee, while 35 lie in northwest Georgia and 52 miles extend into northeast Alabama. Lookout Mountain is in one of the most biologically diverse and critically imperiled ecoregions in the world.
  • Large unbroken hardwood forests, rare and unique species, karst geology and significant aquatic resources have led Lookout Mountain to be designated as a “Conservation Opportunity Area”.
  • Important conservation sites include: Zahnd Natural Area, McLemore Cove, Little River Canyon National Preserve, Pigeon Mountain and Otting Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Lookout and Pigeon Mountain form a V, like the thumb and index finger of a person’s left hand held palm down, with Lookout being the index finger and Pigeon being the thumb; nestled in the V shape is McLemore Cove.
  • Lookout Mountain is the southernmost extension of the Cumberland Plateau, separated from the Plateau by the Tennessee River.

Lookout Mountain Conservancy Focus Area Map 2016

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