Planned Giving, Bequests

Making a gift in your will is easy to do, and very flexible.
A gift in your will can help ensure that the people and lands within the Lookout Mountain area will be a bit better into the future, because of you.

Your generosity will make sure that our youth, for generations to come, will have places to explore, hike, paddle, climb, or simply be out-of-doors.

Partnerships like the one with the Howard School will be reinforced so that kids from all walks of life can flourish and give back to our community.

Your generosity, remembered

With a gift in your will, you will be making a difference that will never be forgotten. You can donate a stated amount of cash, real-estate (houses, land, businesses), appreciated assets (stock investments or paintings, for example), a portion of your retirement fund or life insurance policy, or the residual after your estate has been processed pursuant to your wishes.

Talk to your advisor, and if you have questions, feel free to call Robyn Carlton, CEO, at 423-424-3882 or email her at

How to donate a gift to Lookout Mountain Conservancy in your will

You can designate what you want, in the way you want. Working with your financial advisor, he or she can help you stipulate in your will, a gift of a specific amount of money from your estate, a percentage of your estate, or even the residual part of your estate.

It’s simple, just include the following language, in your will:

“I hereby give to the Lookout Mountain Conservancy, a nonprofit located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with a business address of P.O. Box 76, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 37350, and with a tax identification number of 62-1460535, the sum of __________ dollars [or describe other gifts or assets] for its general purposes and the use at the discretion of the Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Board of Directors.”

  • You have flexibility over time. Should your circumstances change, you can change your will at any time.
  • Tax benefits. Depending on the size of your estate, and if it is subject to estate taxes, your gift could help lower your taxable estate. You won’t receive tax benefits during your lifetime. To do that, you would donate a gift of cash, stock, or life estate.

Feel free to call Robyn Carlton, CEO, at 423-424-3882or email her at

Let us know about your designation in your will so that we can thank you, as well.


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