Changing Lives of The Howard School Interns

"Land is one of the most healing resource that is so under utilized. This is the environment where I really believe solutions are birthed," explains Robyn Carlton, CEO, Lookout Mountain Conservancy.

National Land Trust Alliance Conference 2016

Featuring: Wendy Jackson, Robyn Carlton, Zac Brown and Umar Mohammed

Over 1,500 people came together from across the county to share their love of the land and learn together. Intern Umar shared his story of how the Mountain and the leadership program has changed his life and in so doing. He became one of the conference's most talked about speakers.

Howard Students to Help Cleanup Park

WDEF Channel 12
Learning what it means to be a steward of the earth and our community.

Howard Students Join Cleanup Project

WTVC News Channel 9
Clearing Kudzu to reveal the stream beneath.

Lookout Mountain Conservancy Howard Intern Program

Erica Scoggins
Howard Students learn about life and their abilities to achieve through conservation work.