Success Stories

It was Home


Growing up in Lookout Mountain, Gus Glascock always understood the importance of conservation. When a lovely eight-acre site with spectacular views to the west overlooking the Chattanooga Valley came on the market, he knew it was just what he was looking for. He fell in love with the property because Lookout Mountain was home.

Investing in land and family

Already protected with a conservation agreement (conservation easement), Gus decided that the property was a great investment; he could raise his family and share his passion for the natural beauty of the area with his children. At any time he could sell, give or bequeath his property to a new landowner. The easement simply ensures the land cannot be subdivided nor developed, and gives Gus the right to decide on whether the public can access it.

Committed to values

Gus and his family's story is an example of Lookout Mountain Conservancy's commitment to helping families live their values by ensuring their properties are protected forever.

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