Success Stories

Neighbors on the Mountain

Managed Community

Chris Moore created a neighborhood community called the Long Branch Residential Preserve. Located in Hinkle, it is designed to foster a connection between neighbors and the land through careful planning and regular community activities.

Playing in the woods

The Long Branch Residential Preserve created something even more special: a beautiful woodland with associated trails conserved for future generations. How did this happen?

Chris and his investors decided to conserve the 300-acre forestland with a conservation easement held by Lookout Mountain Conservancy. The land continues to be owned by the development and managed by the community.

Invitation to explore

The community also decided that the trails would be open to the public for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. Those trails, maintained by volunteers of the community, are now a lovely way for people to enjoy the sounds of owls, hawks and woodpeckers. The conservation of this land has provided important habitat for these birds as well as turtles and other woodland animals.

“The mountain is a very special place for me and my family...part of what makes it special is we and others have an opportunity to play in the woods. This is a great place to live.”

– Chris Moore


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