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Head shot of Amy - LMC intern

Fear, Faith, & Finding Myself

I joined LMC as a rising sophomore in 2019. At first, I assumed it would be like any other job, tedious and boring. When I showed up to do my volunteer work I quickly realized this wasn’t the case. Sure, there are some days when we would work on the…

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Jennifer's Story of Change

Finding My Own Way

It started the day I was suspended from middle school. I had been hanging out with some girls and we…

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Intern Kobe's senior portrait

I Now See a Path Towards My Future

My mom works very hard and isn’t able to be around a lot so oftentimes I turned to my brother…

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Picture of interns and Genesis after creating their original art piece

Virtual Auction to Benefit the Howard Interns October 15-25

About Our Auction All proceeds from this Silent Auction will benefit the Intern and Leadership Program. Lookout Mountain Conservancy works…

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Head shot of Tay- LMC Summer staff

Reducing the Stress, Showing Support 

My mother said I had to do the program. She had seen the positive things that come out of the…

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Domanique's Story of Change

Growing through Discomfort

Eight years ago I wouldn’t have imagined where I am today What comes to mind for you when thinking of…

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Breanna's Story of Change

Pushing Myself, One Step at a Time

I remember the day I was accepted into the Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Intern & Leadership program. I didn’t know what…

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together we stand

TOGETHER we stand for something GREATER

Eight years ago, Lookout Mountain Conservancy made a bold decision to look out outside ourselves and engage the community in…

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Intern teamwork- pull the auger cord

Beating the Odds: Supporting The Howard School Interns

I’m hoping you are doing okay given what we are facing with the crazy weather and Covid-19. For me, it’s…

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far enough trail

Some Mountain Trails are Open: Ochs Hwy to Ruby Falls section Closed May 26-July 31

Good news. We are opening the Guild Hardy trail system today in coordination with National Parks and Reflection Riding because…

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