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Head shot of Ramiyah - LMC Intern

Digging Deep

I’ll never forget my first day working on the mountain and let me warn you, it wasn’t pretty. You see, a friend of mine, JaMaal, was already in the Intern & Leadership program and he thought it would be a good idea for me to join. He told me how…

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Attention: COVID-19 Update

To comply with new city and state regulations regarding COVID-19, all Lookout Mountain Conservancy land and parking areas will be…

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Hayle Mack

I never imagined my dream could become reality

I want to share a story of where I’ve been and where I’m headed. Being raised by a single mother…

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I’m proud to say, I’m Zi

Azia became a Leadership Intern with Lookout Mountain Conservancy as a freshman in high school. Like many of the students…

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Picture of the trestle and an example of the trestle plaque

Trestle Plaques Campaign

The trestle plaques are being revived!  And this time, the Interns are making them with the Volkswagen eLab that was…

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Ashley’s Farewell

I wanted to share the news that I’ve decided to transition to a job Erlanger Hospital. It’s a decision I…

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Domanique Head shot

From The Howard School to Africa

Domanique Rahman was part of the Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Leadership Intern program from 2012 to 2019. Because of you, and…

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LMC staff with graduating seniors

At the top of their Class

Continuing the legacy of Lookout Mountain Conservancy Interns, Hayle and Tay have beat the odds and are graduating from High…

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A picture of the garden in the early growing season

You’re Helping to Build a Special House

Thanks to people like you, in partnership with local businesses and a few grants, things are looking up for a…

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Interns stand with staff from LMC, Ruby Falls, Rock City, and Coca Cola in front of the vegetable garden

A Transformation Up On The Mountain

This time of the year is full of celebrations, two of our biggest celebrations at LMC during these months are…

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