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Barred Owl sitting on tree branch during day time. Credit: Kevin Calhoon

Have you heard them? That weird sound that echoes through Lookout Mountain at dawn or dusk? A guttural call that many think sounds like “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all”?

Ever threatened by noxious vines that crowd out their habitat, the Barred Owl is a special surprise to hear up on Lookout Mountain. Standing just eighteen inches high, and weighing one to two pounds, the owl depends on finding food and cover in mature forests, and especially likes habitats close to a river or swamp land.

How you're helping

Habitat restoration by removing the aggressive vine Kudzu and the invasive shrub Privet is one step in making sure they can continue to live around the Mountain.

That’s one of the projects that our Leadership Interns, and other student volunteers from all over the country, were working on this summer. It’s a team approach that couldn’t happen without your support. Thank you.

The result? Youth from all walks of life learning life-long skills around teamwork, conservation restoration, trail building and trust. Wildlife habitat on Lookout Mountain getting a needed boost.

Listen carefully

And maybe, if we are lucky, we will be able to hear the owls call in the wee hours of the morning or as dusk approaches.


Photo credit: Kevin Calhoon