What's New

A picture of the garden in the early growing season

Thanks to people like you, in partnership with local businesses and a few grants, things are looking up for a very special greenhouse. Why a green house? Because it will add to the Interns’ training and teaching of how to grow their own food and help build greater food security for their families and themselves.

They will also be learning to grow native species too, like purple coneflower and milkweed. This means that as we remove the aggressive and invasive species that push out plants that the native animals, like the racoon and mocking birds, depend on, we can replant with these newly propagated plants.

Thanks to you, wildlife will be in a better place and the Interns will develop important skills in learning to grow food and care for native plants. All that’s left to do is the site prep and identifying the builders that will teach our Interns how to build the greenhouse. Stay tuned for additional updates on Facebook.