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It’s been a tough year full of challenges and we are glad to be back together. Here at Lookout Mountain Conservancy, summer marks the beginning of new projects, new lessons, and new friends. We are happy to announce the addition of seven new interns to our LMC family.

Of course, new interns usually follow the departure of our senior interns. On that note, we are pleased to share that Jaden Woods has taken a full-time welding position with PDP and will not be returning to work with us this year. Although he will be missed, we are so proud of him and wish him well.

Two of our recent high school graduates, Kobe Prater and Jennifer Escobar, will soon join the ranks of our other college interns in the fall but we are fortunate to have them with us for the rest of the summer.

DeUnta’ (Tay) Sailes, a rising junior at UTK, and Azia Houser, a sophomore at Chatt State, have returned from college to lead our crew as part of the summer staff. We know they will both be invaluable leaders and mentors for all of the junior interns this summer.

The growth and change demonstrated by these interns is what the Intern & Leadership Program at the Howard School is all about.