forest roadFamilies from all walks of life have conserved their land in the Lookout Mountain Region. Each family has different reasons for doing so but, in all cases, the land is conserved on a voluntary basis.

For those who choose to conserve their land and want to continue ownership, we use a voluntary conservation agreement called a conservation easement. This allows the conservation plan to remain in place when the land is sold, given away, or bequeathed via a will or planned gift to another individual or family. These agreements are flexible and tailored specifically for each family or landowner.

The land remains on the tax rolls unless it is given or sold to a municipality or nonprofit conservation organization.


Some of the reasons that these families conserve their lands include...

bird's nestPeace of mind

For many, it gives them great satisfaction to know that their family's history and legacy will remain intact for generations to come. With conserving their land comes the peace of mind that, regardless of whether the land is sold or remains in the family, it will never fall victim to haphazard sprawling development.

vegetablesEconomic vitality, local food

Others want to ensure that their community retains the agricultural vibrancy to continue a strong local food effort. They know, like many studies have shown, that agriculture is a critical part of our local economy and they want to help keep it that way.

deerHomes for Wildlife

For many, the love of the woods, waters and wildlife are part of the reason they conserve their land. Some want to make sure that kids experience the wonder of nature. Others want to make sure that wildlife always will have a place to roam and call home. Many just feel it is a way to make sure that their community retains the rural nature that brought them here in the first place.

child on shouldersTransferring the land to their kids; estate and income tax benefits

Some families find that conserving land is an important way to reduce federal income and estate taxes or transfer the land to the kids. Rather than lose the land, many are able to keep it in the family because it is protected.

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waterClean Water, Healthy Communities

Some families in the Lookout Mountain Region want to make sure that our communities have clean water and a healthy lifestyle for years to come. By conserving their land, they are helping to reduce flooding caused by excessive paving and asphalt, allow for forests and trees to absorb rainwaters and floodwaters, and create places that offer a respite from the busy routine of life.

When land is conserved, it ensures that there will be a balance between intensive and sprawling development with wide open countryside and the hills and valleys that make this area so special. Thanks to their leadership, Lookout Mountain, and the lands and waters they support and are home to so many people, will remain the special place it is today.


Next steps to explore conserving your land

To figure out if conservation may be right for you, review your conservation options 

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