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Board of Directors

Carl H. Cofer

XYZ Company

Carl H. Cofer is a native of Atlanta, GA and received his BA from Emory University, and has post baccalaureate degrees from Georgia Tech (MBA) and the University of Virginia (LLB).

Carl practiced law for 37 years in Atlanta, GA with the Cofer and Beauchamp law firm. He retired in 1999 and spends the majority of his time at his Walker County cattle farm, SAULTO PAUL. The farm has a wonderful view of Lookout Mountain and he is an avid promoter of developing the trails on Lookout Mountain, believing that the key to public awareness of the link between nature and human wellness rests in communing with nature by hiking all the trails of the mountain.

Carl married Susan Seydel Cofer in 1964; they have two daughters, Jane and Julie.